Erin (rucaheina) wrote,

Stupidity at every table

I'm sick of waiting on people that just have no clue how to behave in a restaurant.

- It's not okay to hold my hand and whisper shit like "I want you" in my ear.
- It's not okay to ask me for the remote and channel surf during my lunch rush. It's also not okay to complain to me because we don't get ESPN. Get take-out and eat it in front of your television if you wanna do that shit.
- It's not okay to make me go back and forth from your table 5 fucking times because you need something new whenever you see me. Figure out what you need and when I ask you "DO YOU NEED ANYTHING?" please spout off that list. I have other guests besides you to take care of.
- It's not okay to be demanding. I may be a waitress but I'm not your 16 year old daughter. If you want something, ask for it. Shouting out orders isn't going to get you better service.
- It's not okay to order things that you've never even HEARD of, eat half of it and then refuse to pay for it because "it tasted nasty". Suck it up and learn to order what you're familiar with.
- It's not okay to speak just above a whisper when the restaurant is full. I probably wouldn't be able to hear you if the place was silent, so I sure as hell can't hear you above whining kids and drunken couples.

If you do any of the above, please don't come to my place of employment.
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