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Bad Ass (God I am so clever)


I had a colonoscopy done today which was loads of fun. In all honesty it really wasn't as terrible as I imagined. As soon as the doctor said "this is gonna burn until you fall asleep" everything went fuzzy and I was out. Sedation is quite possibly the greatest medical invention of all time.

The prep itself wasn't even 1/10th as bad as what I'm going to go ahead and call my first flare up 2 months ago. Basically, it was on par with what I experience at least once every week or 2.

When I initially got to recovery I remember saying "holy shit I totally had a colonoscopy! AN ANAL PROBE!" and one of the 2 nurses saying "she must be in her 20's" and the other one saying "how could you tell?" heh. My bed was directly across from the nurses station and it was decorated with rainbowy easter eggs and bunnies which would impress me even in a sober state so I was completely in awe of them. I kept saying how awesome they were but everyone ignored me ;( I understand why now though. I'm sure people say all kinds of cracked out shit in there.

I just kinda hung around being a bored crackhead in bed for a little while until my main GI doctor stopped in to tell me I'd have to see him in a few weeks and they did in fact find some inflamation in the colon- which at that point didn't mean much to me considering I don't know what causes it or anything. Then his partner who did the procedure (who actually removed a giant walnut sized gallstone from one of my bile ducts roughly 8 years ago) came in with a bunch of pictures of my gross insides which I declined to look at. She explained that there was inflamation and she took a bunch of biopsies which I get the results of on Monday. They are fairly certain that I have some form of inflamatory bowel disease (chrons or colitis) which is what I expected and I'm pretty sure all of my doctors were suspecting the same thing without actually saying it.

Under normal circumstances I suppose I'd be freaking out right now but I knew by the 5th or 6th day of that fucking awful flare up that I had months ago that IBD was a serious possibility. When every medical professional you see mentions the words "chrons" and "colitis" in suggestive ways then you begin to face reality. I've had some time to get used to the idea.

On the plus side-
All of my GI doctors are fucking awesome so far and I feel more comfortable with them than any doctor Ive ever had. They don't give me that feeling like I'm being judged negatively or anything.

And in a lot of cases it can be put into remission with meds and diet and stress management (the last of which I need badly...). The impression that I got was that if it is in fact IBD then it probably has not progressed so badly that I'll need parts of my colon removed anytime soon.

So Monday I get my biopsy results back and potentially schedule more tests and perhaps begin treatment.
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