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Just to bring everyone up to speed-

My mom did end up having cancer. It was removed and she's now cancer-free. She was released from the hospital on Sunday and is still taking it easy at home. Once again, thanks to everyone who prayed for her and my family and sent warm wishes. It means a lot.

My brother got engaged last week and we're all thrilled. The date is Aug 18th.

Adam is still in NZ.

I'm cooking an enormous Christmas brunch for 10 people. Yikes x 873872187.

My new job is going well so far.

I've decided to return to college and have found one that offers a BA in Sociology that allows me to take most of the courses online so that I'll have time to take care of my mom and the house and work around my schedule. I'll be begining to start the paperwork and talk with an advisor on Thursday.

Still praying that 2007 goes at least 1/10th better than 2006.
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