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Wednesday 100!

From joeymichaels


1. What is your favorite style of music in general?

- Electronic / New Wave

2. Who is your favorite musical artist?

- Depeche Mode

3. What is your “guilty please,” a song that you are embarrassed to admit you like?

- Fergie - London Bridges

4. What is the best music to dance to?

- House or Reggae

5. What is the best music to make out to?

I hate making out.

6. What is the best music to make love to?

I don't usually "make love". I fuck. So I guess that'd be industrial ;)

7. What is the best music to dance around in your underwear like you just don’t care if anyone sees you to?

- Really bad 80's New Wave (Oingo Boingo!)

8. If you could go back in time and be the first one to record any song, what song would you choose?

- Depeche Mode - Judas

9. Do you play any instruments? If so, what?

- Nope

10. Is there an instrument that you’d really like to play?

- I wish my parents had forced me to take violin lessons.

11. What musician do you despise because of their music?

- Creed

12. What musician do you despise because of what they are like in general?

- Gwen Stefani. I can't help it. I know everyone loves her but she really bugs me.

13. Where’s the best place to listen to music?

- In the car

14. Where’s the best place to listen to live music?

- The Middle East (venue)

15. What was your favorite concert?

- ohGr

16. Ever been pulled up on stage with the band?

- Not that I can recall

17. Ever been pulled backstage by the band?

- No.

18. Ever recorded a song for yourself and never let anyone hear it?

- No

19. Ever recorded a song and let somebody hear it?

- Yes

20. Ever have a song of yours played on the radio? (extra credit – if it is online, link to it)

- No

21. Ever written a song at all?

- Yes

22. Ever written a review of a concert or an album?

- Yes

23. Ever insulted a band or artist online?

- I think I once wrote a review on Mariah Careys ass and how much it resembes a phonebook.

24. Ever insulted a band or artist online and then heard back directly from the band?

- No

25. What kind of music is weird?

- Gabba (how do you people fucking listen to that!?)

26. What is the weirdest kind of music you listen to?

- Weird? Hmmm....probably old second wave ska

27. What song did you like ten years ago that you no longer like now?

- Anything by Nirvana.

28. Do you listen to any of the same music as your parents?

- Absolutely.

29. Rock and Roll – here to stay or dead and gone?

- Here to stay

30. Rap – Phat beats or just a fad?

- Phat Beats but unfotunately itwill just keep getting worse over the years

31. Country – God bless the USA or not in my back yard?

- No fuckin way.

32. Emo – I feel you or don’t touch me?

- Don't touch me

33. Techno – Beat this or beats me?

- Depeds on the sub-genre

34. What important style did I leave out of the last five questions?

- Electronic (that is not techno)

35. Do you ever listen to classical music?

- Not usually, no.

36. If you were going to try and drive a Latin American dictator out of his fancy mansion, what music would you blast at his house?

- Industrial

37. What’s your favorite song by your least favorite artist?

- I will say that I mildly enjoy that Gwen Stefani song, "Crash"

38. What’s your least favorite song by your favorite artist?

- A lot of what is on "Speak and Spell"

39. Ever written a fan letter? To Whom?

- No

40. Ever met a well known musician in a non musical setting, like a restaurant or a bar?

- Yes. Several NKOTB members. HEH.

41. Ever been a DJ? Radio or Dance?

- Does internet radio count?

42. Ever been a DJ for money?

- No

43. What song are you most likely to break into while driving?

- Probably something lame

44. If you were on American Idol, what song would you choose to show off your vocal range?

- Eye Of The Tiger!

45. Based on how you dress in real life, what band would welcome you as a member?

- Garbage.

46. Favorite tune from a video game?

- Mattafix - Big City Life (guess the video game! ;))

47. Using only sounds, spell out the opening notes to your favorite song. You know, Beavis and Butthead style. “Dunh Dunh Duuuunh…”

- Daaaaaaaa daaaa daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I don't fuckin know.

48. What is your secret musical skill?

- I can whistle anything. Seriously. I'm hardcore.

49. Ever punished somebody by singing to them?

- I don't believe so.

50. What song could somebody punish you by singing?

- Mambo #5

51. What song, if sung by somebody you had a crush on, would make your heart melt?

- Dogs Eye View - Would You Be Willing?

52. What song, if sung by somebody you had a crush on, would make you “give it up?”

- I give it up anyway

53. What song, if sung by somebody you had a crush on, would make you slowly back away until you were far enough away to run for your life?

- Almost anything

54. Creepiest music ever?

- J-pop

55. What movie soundtrack can bring you to tears if you hear it to this day?

- The Crying Game

56. Saddest song ever?

- Dust In The Wind

57. Happiest song ever?

- Bjork - Big Time Sensuality

58. Song that you like for the music but don’t care for the lyrics?

- Skinny Puppy - Worlock

60. Song that you have on your iPod or a CD that you chose to put there but always skip over?

- Quasimoto - Come On Feet

61. Song that you can’t resist listening to all the way through when it comes on the radio.

- Falco - Rock Me Amadaeus

62. Favorite radio station?

- 95.5 during it's retro lunch

63. Last resort radio station when nothing else is on?

- 94.5

64. How old does a song have to be to qualify as “an oldie?”

- I'd say 30+ years

65. How old does a band have to be to qualify as “classic?”

- A minute

66. What song would you be embarrassed to catch your parents/children listening to?

- Lords Of Acid - Crab Louse

67. Honestly, could you live without music?

- If I had to

68. Hands down most offensive song ever.

- Geto Boys - Gangsta Of Love

69. Song that isn’t nearly as offensive as people think it is.

- Anything by Eminem

70. Song lyric you quote when you want to sound profound.

- "Cheating Judases, Doubting Thomases"

71. Song lyric you quote when you want to make your friends laugh.

- "Cathleen Johnson, sweetheart, I'd like to thank ya"

72. Ever quoted, verbatim, an entire song on your online journal? Why?

- Sure. Cause i'm lame like that.

73. You really got to set the mood for the big date. What music do you play?

- Tricky

74. You’ve really got to set the mood for the big game. What music do you play?

- Maximus Dan - Fighter

75. You’ve really got to set the mood to get really fucked up and start some shit. What music do you play?

- Andrew WK

76. Musician you’d most like to see nude?

- Ogre

77. Musician you’d least like to see nude?

- Meatloaf

78. Ugliest band?

- Christ....arent they all?

79. Most overrated band?

- See last answer

80. Best band name?

- Donkarella And The Donkeypunch (my most brilliant drunken idea ever)

81. Worst band name?

- Pet Shop Boys

82. Baffling band name?

- Backstreet Boys (were they just begging to be called gay?)

83. Band or artist you recommend to your friends but they just don’t ever seem to get?

- ohGr

84. What makes you like a song immediately?

- A climax and/or breakdown

85. What makes you dislike a song immediately?

- Generic

86. Are you initial instincts about songs usually right?

- 70/30

87. Can a song be categorically good or bad or is it just a matter of opinion?

- opinion

88. Whose opinion do you trust regarding music you’ve never heard before?

- Brian

89. Whose opinion is pretty much always wrong regarding music?

- Ry

90. Song your parents like that you only pretended to dislike when they were around?

- Duke Of Earl. That song is fucking awesome but I'd never let them know that. Also, Hungry Eyes.

91. Your forced to listen to one and only one song or piece of music for the rest of your life, but you get to choose. What do you choose?

- By "piece" I assume you mean album so it's Depeche Modes "Songs Of Faith And Devotion" hands down

92. First song you slow danced to?

- Lady In Red

93. Theme song to any prom you attended?

- Fuck. I think it was one of those really popular slong songs by Boys II Men from like 95

94. You’ve designed an awful cloying webpage with flame graphics and blinking text. What MIDI music to you play in the background?

- The Cure- The Lovecats

95. File sharing – crime or what?

- I commit this crime daily. Sorry Lars!

96. How many MP3s (or whatever) are on your hard drive?

- Only about 1500 at the moment.

97. Do you still own and listen to cassettes?

- NO!

98. How about vinyl LPs?

- I have a lot of stuff from the 50's on vinyl but I never fire up the *OLD* record player

99. 8-Tracks?

- Hah. No.

100. Best place online to discover new music?

- (seriously)

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